June 2016

Cooks Simply Us

Irman Bakes under Nadz’s Mom Supervision!

26th June 2016

Irman recalled that we bake choco rice kueh last year at his place. This year, we decided to come over to my place and learn to make new kuehs….

Our Nest Simply Us

Not meant to be Ours

22nd June 2016

One morning, I was just randomly checking the HDB App once more –  to see if our bookmarked units are still available. Guess what? Unit 11-741 is taken. Oh…

irmanadzweds Simply Us

Nadz the organised freako maniac

15th June 2016

Just for the record, I just wanna get away from setting one more question for my Prelim Paper 2. One that I have to crack my brain further cos…

Simply Us

Changing our Game Plan Yo!

14th June 2016

HDB Letter is here – and I’m not in SG to receive it. So, my mother was the one who opened it, took pictures and sent it over to…