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Irman Bakes under Nadz’s Mom Supervision!

26th June 2016

Irman recalled that we bake choco rice kueh last year at his place. This year, we decided to come over to my place and learn to make new kuehs. We tried honey cornflakes and my mom’s legendary chocolate chips! We made 3 times the ‘adunan’ okay! Kuddos to Irman, because I wouldn’t be able to do it myself. He even do his work (on my desk) as and when he has the time to fill in between the baking. I know he is tired but he pushed on further.

Well, the day actually started off with us dropping by at our future nest before going market. I’m truly glad and grateful that this guy – does marketing with me. Not every guy does that okay! With that, thank you for patiently waiting for me to finish buying home groceries. Then, we head back to bake.

Chocolate Chips

Chocolate Chips

Wah, so happy one ah?

Wah, so happy one ah?

We made over 300 honey cornflakes and well over 400 chocolate chips! Not for sale, but just for my family, Hana and Irman’s family. And I guess that’s it for now. Oh actually no, we gonna go over to his sister place next weekend to bake some kuehs and perhaps shell out at home together. Fun-filled weekend? I wish we had 3 days worth of weekends instead of 2. After all the baking, his reward was to get home-coooked food from my mom. We break fast together and had some time to play with Hana too!


Break Fast 25th June 2016


Hana and her quest for balloons!


Hana’s urge to jump around my bed before she realise Uncle Irman is on the other side.


Hana’s very rare calm face when Uncle Irman carried her!


Hana and her favourite lorong in the house!

After all the makan, we just lepak for abit. Soon after, everyone is so full and tired. We then call it a day! Tiring but definitely something we should always keep on doing. Families who meet often, eat together, play together will always stay together. One day, if I have my own family (mini Irman and mini Nadz), I would like my child(ren) to always visit their grandparents, even if it’s just an hour over the weekend. This I promise you.

Miss Nadzirah (I am so not looking forward to going back to school tmr!).

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