April 2017

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Hacking the Walls down!

27th April 2017

I always picture myself hacking my home wall. I want to know how it feels. Unfortunately, I have work and my Thursday’s timetable is pretty packed with lessons from…

Our Nest

3D Design Draft 2 is in!

10th April 2017

I am so psyched! It was just last weekend that we had the first reno work done in our home – aircon trunking. After which, we went down to…


Wedding Updates: Berkat!

9th April 2017

Finally, a little update about our wedding preps! We were suppose to leave this to George (Kak Mas Assistant) to handle this part but Nadz being Nadz – very…

Our Nest

Progress at our Home

7th April 2017

About a month after we sign the contract w Johnny, we are now slowly kicking off with our home renovation. It is tiring but fun fun fun! It is…