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7th April 2017

About a month after we sign the contract w Johnny, we are now slowly kicking off with our home renovation. It is tiring but fun fun fun! It is the only thing I look forward to each weekend, especially when work has been rather – painfully unbearable. A few weeks ago, we went to Hafary to shop for tiles. This is to ensure that Johnny can work with his drafter to come out with the first 3D Design! I would have to say that I am truly happy with the master bedroom 3D design. Everything else needed some touch-ups. Well, as for the tiles, Irman fell in love with this hexagon marble looking tiles. But it was rather slippery to be used in the master bathroom floors, so we had to opt for the walls instead. Not bad la, at least still fulfill my wants for hexagon tiles in the house. Unfortunately, Johnny said that it is currently out of stock. With that, we are willing to wait even if it is gonna take us months to do so!

We fell instantly in love with this hexagon marble tiles.

Our backup elongated hexagon marble looking tiles – which is still pretty much unavailable!

We get some sample tiles to bring back home! Wee!

Back to the whole episode before we get to finally choose what we want – we started off being spoiled for choice! There were just too many tiles, to begin with! So lost and confused! Lucky Johnny was able to direct us to what we actually want and mix and match the wall tiles and floor tiles. Else, we probably went back with nothing at all! After choosing the tiles, Johnny sat down with us to discuss on the electrical wiring and lighting points in the house. We discussed for quite some time! Until I am just too tired to think. Irman had to make all the decisions. Haha

First draft of electrical wiring and lighting points around the house!

With tiles chosen and electrical points discussed and confirmed, we are thrilled for the completion for the 3D Designs! Johnny was prompt enough, in just three days, he dropped a text with all the images!

Our Hall – rather simple! Some amendments needed for Draft 2!

The Kitchen Entrance! I love the flooring! This 3D has the most changes actually!

Common Bathroom!

Master Bathroom! I love this!

This is just too pretty! I like how he incorporate the full height cabinet, the headbed,the see thru bathroom concept etc! Now, we only hope HDB approve our appeal to hack that wall. No news still 🙁

How not to be excited?! We can’t wait to start the renovation (minus the finance part!). Today, we are going to start with trunking of aircon! This brings me back to weeks ago where Irman was very adamant about his trunking plans. When he explained to Ah Tee on how he wants the trunking to be heading towards the common bathroom, Ah Tee was sure to say it is something rather complicated. So, we ‘complained’ to Johnny and explain our rationale in wanting that layout. In the end, Ah Tee succumbs to our request – provided Johnny would have to touch up some parts that will be affected in the common bathroom. Main point – clean look in the master bathroom with minimal trunking seen. I am not bothered by it, but Irman is. Perhaps because he has aircon at home and I don’t. So, I can’t really understand his concerns!

Irman and Ah Tee discussing!

Irman’s effort in trying to plan out the trunking!

Measure here measure there! We were stuck as to where we should put our aircon in the living room..

Aircon receipt! Ah Tee is in the North guys! Argh, more money gone gone gone!

Hopefully after trunking done, we might wanna drop by Ubi to search for kitchen appliances.

For our own reference:
– Hood, Hob, Microwave Oven, Oven (inbuilt) —– $1800
– Aircon (4 system) —– $5300
– Samsung Refrigerator —– $900
– Beko Washer and Dryer Machine —– $1200
– Electrical —– $3100
– Screeding —— $1000
More to come, like TV, small kitchen appliances, lighting, bed, sofa, coffee table etc…. We can do this! The mess is coming in on Tuesday 11th April 2017! Electrical wiring coming in! Woohoo!




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