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Hacking the Walls down!

27th April 2017

I always picture myself hacking my home wall. I want to know how it feels. Unfortunately, I have work and my Thursday’s timetable is pretty packed with lessons from noon to 435pm. Yes guys, 435pm. Who do you think will be able to absorb O Level content at 435pm? Sponge perhaps.

So, today on the 27th of April, Johnny got his man to hack down the wall that separate the dining area and the kitchen as well as the wall that separate the master bedroom to the next bedroom. As early as 925am, Johnny messaged us and updated us on the¬†process. After I ended work, I dropped by our unit. The tiles arrived – that means we can start laying the tiles soon! Both myself and Irman, can’t possibly wait for the flooring to be done!

Hacking wall 1.

How it looks like from the hall windows…

How it looks like from the kitchen storeroom door. If only we expand the master bedroom…. Hmmmm

The tiles are here!

Master bedroom to the other bedroom. Hmmm, tempted to leave it as it is right now. So spacious!

The other room. We hacked this wall to have a wardrobe that will ‘eat’ into the other room. Yes indeed, we selfish ppl. We want our room to be bigger!

We got this tiles at a very last minute! Now waiting for the common bathroom wall tiles!

Our next meeting with Johnny will be this Sunday to discuss on our 3rd 3D, lights, fans, timeline etc. Slowly but surely. We hope the unit is ready by end July. That means we have 3 months to prep the house for our official move-in in October the 8th!




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