Wedding Updates: Berkat!

9th April 2017

Finally, a little update about our wedding preps! We were suppose to leave this to George (Kak Mas Assistant) to handle this part but Nadz being Nadz – very itchy fingers. I went on and contact the Berkat Lady to ask for specifications and woohoo we got a mock up of our designs. She was very prompt in her reply (even though it was through emails). I feel rather paisey to ask George too many questions that I decided to take it on my own. I hope he doesnt feel like as if I am taking over his job. I am not, just pretty much wanna know everything goes my/our way. Is this premature signs of Bridezilla? Haha

Sample of glass jars that she has!

Mock Up 1

Mock Up 2

We settle for one of the mock up, with minor changes. Because of the need to be consistent, Irman decided to design the tag/sticker for Myra (Berkatfg Owner) cos she did not use Photoshop Adobe for the designs. So, we were afraid that the printing may not be very clear. She must have thought that we are one anal customer. But, she understands that a designer (she thinks Irman designs) and claimed that “a designer knows the best and wants the best”. LOL. I have yet to drop her the bomb that she will have to liase w Kak Mas SID after that. Haha. We shall inform her later, once George reply my weekend email. 🙂

I love how our tag/sticker is in line (consistent) with our wedding card! Too beautiful!

As of now, I’m having thoughts of asking guests to come for my wedding in certain color/theme. I mean, I hate it when people ask me to do so. Let alone, making my guests come in specific design/color/theme. Hmm. I honestly think only family, groomsmen and bridesmaids should be color coordinated. The rest – well just wear baju melayu will do? Pet peeves when I see/hear ppl making major announcements – Girls must wear so and so and Boys must have this and that. Kau sponsor ah. Else diam. Angsty nya Nadz. Haha.

Ok Bye.


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