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Aglio Olio Made with Love

18th December 2015

Irman loves this dish and therefore, I will cook it from time to time only because I love him.

Ingredients needed:
– Spaghetti/Penne (your choice)
– Olive oil
– Large prawns
– Garlic (chopped)
– Chili…


Day 6 to Day 17: South New Zealand

18th December 2015

Kia Ora, as promised: another post for the Southland!

Day 6:
Since we checked-in very late last night, we planned to start the day later. Literally sleep in day. We were…


#12: Run and our first time cooking for guests!

17th June 2015

Yes I mean it, this time (with the help of Nana) we managed to cook for guests! They are Firdaus Hassan (Irman’s cousin) and his fiancé (Nur Syafiqah) and…