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17 Days in Morocco – summed up in a video!

14th May 2020
We spent a total of 17 days in Morocco and we just can’t get enough of this beautiful country in North Africa. We began our journey in Casablanca, a metropolitan city, our least favourite city as it is no different to Singapore. We then head to Marrakech and it blew our mind away. Such a lovely place. We spent a couple of nights in Marrakech and begin our journey to the Sahara Desert, Merzouga via a tour agency They offer excellent service and our trip to the desert was amazing!
Our next city is Essaouira, the seafood paradise! Gobble up lots of oysters and other seashells, fresh from the port. We visited the port for 3 days straight because we can never say no to oysters! We took the night train (sleeper cabin) from Marrakech to Tangier, approximately 10 hours ride. Had a good rest in the train and arrive Tangier the next morning, feeling fresh and ready to explore the city.
From Tangier, we took Grand Taxi to Chefchaouen and immediately explore the Blue City. We then visited Fez, the oldest city in Morocco with over a thousand years of history.
We don’t mind coming back to Morocco in the near future!
Featured Riads:
1) Palais Sebban, Marrakech
2) Mumtaz Mahal, Essaouira
Sahara Desert Tour Agency:



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