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Tangier – where we hunt for Moroccan Doors!

13th May 2020

After more than a week in Morocco, I have started to be intrigued by the charming Moroccan doors. The most interesting ones I saw were at Chefchaouen, nicknamed as “The Blue City.” They’re just not lovely but they’re very photogenic, too! You can’t resist taking a shot when passing them. If ever we’d have a house (legit house) of our own in the future, I’d certainly design one of my doors like one of these pretty doors below.

If I were an influencer, I would have stand by the door and pose. Do you count teacher as being an influencer too – well within the classroom and even beyond?

More and more doors….

Enough about the doors…. Here’s a little info about Tangier (also spelt as Tanger). It is a historic city located in the northern part of Morocco. Tangier’s history is very interesting and being a port city, you can imagine that this city was a melting pot of many cultures and civilizations.  As a tourist, a huge plus for Tangier is that it connects you to Spain in a mere 45 minute ferry ride. Thus, making it easy for you to travel there via water. So, if you ever find yourself in Spain – come over Tangier!

As for us, we took the night train from Marrakesh. From the train station, we hoped onto the grand taxi to our next accomodation at Kasbah Rose! We even made friends with the taxi driver, Omar, who do not mind driving us to Chefchaouen tomorrow morning for only 550 dirhams (in the end we gave him 600 dirhams equivalent to SGD$86)! A nice change cos we get to see the roadside, stopover whenever we want, chat with Omar, get to know more about his family etc.

After a good shower at Kasbah Rose and breakfast by the super enthusiastic host, we head out to explore the old town – Tangier Medina. It is the MOST visited attraction in the city. Rightly so, as you will find alleys of Moroccan culture and history layered inside the medina. Historically, Tangier is a younger city as compared to its older siblings like Fes and Marrakesh which makes it cleaner as compared to older medina like Fes. Inside the Tangier medina we managed to find restaurants, shops, hotels and riads, handicrafts and textiles workshops and more. It is worth taking half a day to explore the medina at ease. It is very easy to maneuver and hard to get lost.

After the quick washup! We were at the rooftop of Kasbah Rose.


Spot the legendary Mint Tea!

We had a long walk through Grand Socco – huge square in the Tangier medina and seeing two ports in Tangier – Tangier ville and the Tangier Med from afar up on the Kasbah Square. The Kasbah in Tangier provided an uninterrupted views of the Mediterranean and of the old medina. So serene!

Us outside the Kasbah Museum in Kasbah Square

Part of Kasbah Square

The details are just too beautiful!

After all the long walks, we dropped by the legendary Cafe Hafa – the historic cafe in Tangier to…. what else – sip mint tea! This cafe is a magical place located on the cliffs of Tangier overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. It opened in 1921 and after almost 100 years of existence, it is a landmark place to visit in Tangier. Characteristically styled with mosaic tables and a tiered whitewashed terrace that cascades down to the sea. Everyone can see the glorious views. Trees and flowering shrubs grow throughout the terraced space giving shade, privacy, and a tropical feel.
However, i just wished the cafe is cleaner…. Well being Singaporean and all, we were there at least an hour before sunset (as it is a popular cafe for locals and tourists alike). They serve mint tea all day and in tall glasses with lots of fresh mint and sugar at 8 dirhams. Guess what – we had two cups EACH. I would say – it is by far the best mint tea we have ordered all around Morocco!

Here it is… Halfway through the journey, we were doubting ourselves – did we plot the cafe correctly….

Barang baik leh potong kaki! By far the best mint tea!

Also, it was during this time that we received an email from Oman Air that our flight postponed. Hurray for me but Irman has to report to work as soon as we touchdown the following day. After a few round of exchanges, Oman Air managed to connect us to Qatar flight on the same day we are suppose to depart – at no extra costs! We were prepared to actually stayed longer, but had to make noise about the need to report to work asap plus we will be stuck at Casablanca which is literally nothing much to do – unlike Marrakesh! Pheww…



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