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23rd January 2016

On the 17th January of 2017, Irman’s family came over to ‘merisik’. For those who may not know what ‘merisik’ is –  well, it’s just a malay culture/practice whereby the guy’s side will come over to the ladies’s side and ask the lady’s parents for her hand in marriage (in our case, engagement). Since, Irman’s brother in law is back in SG and his dad was able to make arrangements at work so that he can end earlier last weekend, we decided that perhaps its better to ‘merisik’ earlier even though our engagement may be in the later half of the year. Aren’t we kiasu? Not really la –  good things must not wait too long.

So, they came, discussed on the dates we are looking for, the duration of our engagement prior to being married as well as the dowry. I have to say, the dowry may be abit steep for Irman but only because it’s for our future. My parents arent asking for it, neither am I. The dowry will be a gift solely to US. For us to get a headstart in buying for house appliances, fluffy most comfy bed for us to sleep in all day and night, furniture for home etc. I am truly grateful to my parents for they are unlike some parents that took away the dowry once they marry their daughter off. In this case, they let us keep the dowry for future use. Alhamdulillah. So, for Irman, you’ve you just to keep on saving. Almost there baby!

After the merisik is over, we all head over to Mamanda for dinner. This place was our choice many many months ago. We knew that somewhere in 2016, after some family gathering/event, we wanna bring everyone else to enjoy a good malay food with a wonderful ambience. And so, the moment we ate at Mamanda last year, we knew this is the place to bring both sides of families together.

The bill was a bomb but for a good cause –  to bring both sides to know each other better. I am glad to see everyone managed to have their little get-to-know each other sessions over FOOD.

At this moment in time, I knew this is it –  shit just got real. Dates were annouced and all we have to do now is wait till the day draws nearer. Woohoo. Truly, we both can’t wait for the next milestone in store for us. We may be many steps behind others, but we will get to it. Someday, inshallah.



Mamanda Nasi Ambeng

Mamanda Nasi Ambeng

Cik Jahan, Cik Karim, Ayah, Ibu, Abang, Hana, Nurul, Erne and Nasuha

Cik Jahan, Cik Karim, Ayah, Ibu, Abang, Hana, Nurul, Erne and Nasuha

Nabilah, Natasha, Natalia, Nana, Fawzi, Irman and Me!

Nabilah, Natasha, Natalia, Nana, Fawzi, Irman and Me!

Cheers to more of such family gatherings in the future! 🙂



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