The Moment

25th December 2015

It all started months back when a friend of mine, Shawn, suggested that I proposed to her on top of Mount Roys, NZ. We initially planned to go for either Morocco or Russia but I managed to convince her to visit one of the darkest place on earth.

The hunt for the ring begins soon after that. Feedback from friends, reviews and articles all came in handy. I hate reading but in this case, I need to, just to get the right band for her. After doing much research and looking up on jewellers’ websites, I am left with 2 weeks before we depart to NZ and I know I have limited time so I decided to visit ORRO during one of my breaks. They have a vast collections and there are a few which caught my eyes, but the price seems to be too cheap for a diamond. This is when I found out that ORRO uses stimulant diamond, which are actually lab-grown. I decided to forego ORRO and source for another Jeweller. Thank god my workplace is in Orchard, where I can use my lunch breaks to hunt for it.

I am now left with 5 more days and I have not gotten any yet. And then finally, I found a simple 5 prong ring, which symbolises a star, which is perfect for my proposal in NZ where stars are mostly visible at night. Another reason why I chose that ring is because, it has a matching wedding-band which goes perfectly with it. It is from Love & Co and the best thing is that it is a certified diamond, which shows that it is authentic. Order was placed and it was ready within 4 days! Perfect!

Hiding the ring is another challenge. I have to strategically hide it in my hiking bag, and ensure that she won’t lay her hands on it. And so we departed to NZ!

…Skipped to Day 10, 7th Dec 2015. We hike up Mount Roys as planned. It was a long way up! Our load and fitness level slow us down as we took frequent breaks along the way. We pitched our tent and unpack most of our stuff. This is another crucial part. Knowing that she is a neat and tidy person, I immediately grabbed our bags and placed it on my side and arranged it neatly. This is to prevent her from touching anything!


Our Legs Need to Rest

Our Tent

Our Tent

The View

The View

The nervous feeling started take over and I have to wait for the sky to be super dark before I can pop the question. So at 9pm, the sky is still cloudy and I decided to wait for a while more. I have to do it on the 7th, because that is our number. So we decided to take a nap and I told her that we should check on the stars again at 11.30pm. And so we went out again and amazingly, the stars are much brighter.

My heart goes boom boom paw, hahahaha. She immediately wanted to go back inside because it was too cold and I know I must do this now and then it happened. I kneeled down before her, not knowing that my headlight blinded her vision. LOL! And my speech isn’t perfect and she said YES! Another problem was the ring; it was slightly too tight for her but I managed to put it in somehow. And we immediately went back inside because the cold wind is killing us! We spent our night reflecting on our relationship and how I planned this proposal. It isn’t perfect but was definitely worth it!

The Ring

The Ring


The Unique Glass Case


23rd January 2016


Hi, we are Irman and Nadzirah. We love to travel around the world, especially together. Needless to say, together we find ourselves in pretty exciting experience as we travel round the world. Well, this blog is not just about travelling but to document every snippets of our life together from being just friends, to lovers to travel partners, to home owners and to many more milestones to come!