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Modelling for 2 Days is NO JOKE!

24th January 2017

Finally, the day is here! We get to experience how it is to be a model for two days. All I can say – definitely not easy to be one. Tired and the endless smiling…. But I would say that the team who worked with us was very friendly bunch of people. As a result, we have a wonderful time with the crew and by the end of 2nd day, we departed in a bittersweet way. I hope that in the future, we get to come back and do more photoshoot with the same people – Sally (MUA), Andrew (Main Photographer) and Sam (MUA for Irman cum photographer’s right-hand man).

Alright, our appointment was scheduled at 11am on the 21st of Jan. By 5am, we are both awake. Cleared my emails and by 7am, Irman is already at my doorstep. Before we head off, we decided to have prata for breakfast and departed for Johor Bahru. The journey was smooth, no major jams. We managed to clear Malaysia Custom (for the first time esp when we are so afraid with the new implementation of foreign car vehicles etc.) We then head to Esa Wedding Office and time check – it was about 1020am. Yes, we were too early. As a result, we had to just wait for our team to arrive before we can kickstart the itinerary for Day 1.

11-1pm: Make Up and Dress Up
130pm: Head out and have lunch as we head to UK Farm that is about 1.5hours away from the office
330pm: Arrived at UK Farm

By the time we arrived at UK Farm, it was already drizzling. But Andrew managed to get us in and out of car from one spot to another to pose for the shots. Honestly, I feel abit ‘kekok’ at first. Of course, we wont know how to pose and given the fact that this is for our wedding plus a keepsake for a lifetime, we truly feel the pressure to want to get good shots. Unfortunately, both of us aint natural/pro. So, we seek Andrew’s instructions through and through for both days. He was patient enough to deal with our blurness (after a long day of shoot, we were confused between left side and right side and whatnots). Sam was also helping him out. As they were shooting us – I find myself thinking… their job too are quite challenging too. The weather, the heat, the lugging of backpacks, the driving, the blur customer etc… But kuddos to them! We might feel like our poses were awkward, but when Andrew shared w us his shots (without any form of editting done yet!), I FELL IN LOVE WITH ALL THE SHOTS! This means that we will have a HUGE PROBLEM when it comes to our photo selection. Oh no!!!!

As for our outfits, I love my first dress because it made me feel princess-y. I can twirl w the dress on everyday! I am glad we agreed on that dress. My only problem is when it starts to drizzle, my hair starts to flatten out. Not nice. But I am sure Andrew can do something about it 🙂

Dress #1

We took pictures with a pony, goat etc. Not my kind of version of nature… But was an enriching experience coupled w a number of shrieks in between shots! By the end of the second day, we were shagged but we get to nap to and fro the journey and meals provided too. So, it wasn’t that bad la!

After this hairstyle, I requested for plaits on every single hairstyles!

My knight in shining ‘suit’. (Not armour ah)

The plaits! I cant rmbr when was the last time I plait my hair!

At the end of Day 1.

By the time we reached back at Esa Wedding Office, it was already very close to 9pm. We head to our overnight stay w Aglio Olio in hand for supper! By 12 midnight, I rmbr we were sound asleep to recharge for Day 2! The next day, we had to report by 10am for 3 outfits – traditional malay costume, casual wear and one more dress! Once again, I fell in love with how Sally does my hair – neat and not over the top! Even the sanggul(s) were simple!

My mom couldn’t even recognise me!

Love the tiffany peach traditional costume… very flowy and ‘covered’…

After an outdoor shoot at Rumah Limas where we were all bitten by mosquitoes, we head back to studio to change over to our Harry Potter Casual Attire Photoshoot! By then, we were kinda tired. But I got all psyched up again after she does a perfect setting for my hair. I truly think that if my hair is perfectly done up, I will instantly perked up! Don’t believe? Come, let me how the pictures of how my hair was….

The plait is an instant mood lifter!

The wonders of makeup…. I wished I know how to put on makeup!

Some of the props we used for the indoor Harry Potter Theme Photoshoot!

Finally the last dress…. we were tired again by then. The thought of battling the jam later, unsure of how to go home, not enough rest and work resumes the following day made me all sour inside. But no – I tell myself this is the last dress, just make use of this last moment to smile and pose for the camera! By 8pm, shoot was over! Before we get to change, Andrew asked if we wanna do anything special. Guess? Of course, it is jumpshot in their office!

Last pose for the day!

Another one of our prop!

I love how the lighting plays a huge role here!

Finally, it is a wrap!

We may be working over the weekend but it is a once in a lifetime experience w Irman by my side! I am glad we did this together. Now, we have about 8 more months to go – cepatla! Next up, more meetings w IDs and photo selection. It is double the stress (and happiness and also the excitement) when we get to plan our wedding (w the help of Kak Mas, our wedding planner) as well as to renovate our house. May our plans go on smoothly! Because our aim is to ensure that our house is ready before we even get married! Possible? Huat ah!




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