15th June 2017

I saw a quote online… And it so reminds me of US. Literally from A to Z. Let me share with you the quote…

Which says “Before he/she is fated to be yours, he/she was once a friend (momentarily), ever become an enemy and lose contact for years. But if he/she was meant to be, he/she will always fall back to you. Of course, with God’s Willing.”

Well, I resonate most with this quote. Because Irman and myself went far back in our Secondary school years (2001 – abt 13 years back before we both got into a serious relationship). We shared the same CCA and he was the President of NPCC for a point of time. I never knew I would ever be in close contact with him as we were in different streams and CCA is only once a week (What difference would it make right? But oh my was I wrong!). Truth be told, I don’t like to socialise (Are you in disbelief? Only because I am a teacher. Teachers are expected to blend in well with anyone for that matter. But honestly, I’d rather just keep everything to myself and lay low.) It was through a common friend, Aisyah, that we met again. And it doesn’t end there. We met a few times, but that time, I was getting to know someone else. And when I got in a rp with someone else, oh boy, was Irman disappointed. He disappeared for a good three years or so. And reappear when I invited him and Aisyah to my elder brother’s wedding. The rest is just history la.

So, back to the quote. It was nice to stumble upon smtg online and all I could think of was US. Makes me feel indeed that we were meant for each other but timing wasn’t right. As a result, we suffer. From this episode, we learn to treasure each other and I hope we continue to love each other, more each day. When you think you can’t love any more, that’s when you have to love more. And everytime I look at our travel pictures, I have only one thing in mind.

“When you meet the other half of your soul (even when they were just right underneath your nose), you’ll understand why things didn’t work out with anyone else.”

Well, that sums up how we met. Nothing big a story it is – but smtg worth sharing w our offsprings in years to come! In shallah! That aside, we just went down to ROMM to verify our documents today! My Dad had to accompany us and Ibu was forced to come along. Well, I am their only daughter right? When else will they go through this again? So yeah, we head out when it was pouring so heavily (which is pretty rare bcos the heat wave is here in SG for good!). Berkat ke? Alhamdullillah.

Our journey to ROMM – rather nostalgic for my parents and see how times have changed!

Ticket number!

Once we were there, we took our number. Did the verification of documents within 5 minutes followed by a short interview and Oath taking in the room w the Ustaz. Relieved that we finish all in less than 5 minutes. But my dad – he spent a good 20 mins in the room! Only to realise that he actually knew the Ustaz. I thought got problem or what???! Because it was Fasting Month, we couldn’t head out to eat. Instead, we went back home straight.

At 1pm, we scheduled a meeting with Kak Mas and Saiful to discuss further on our wedding. It was a fruitful 2 hours session and I love how things are coming into shape! We rmbr we booked them 2 years in advance or so, and for that 1.5 years, no planning can be done – just save save save. Wedding Cards done. Banner done. Catering menu done. Berkat done. Pak Andam done. Wedding Cake done. Solemnisation layout done. Payment for 70% done. Officially broke done. Haha. Can’t wait for next meetup in July for the next few confirmations. I love how things are firming up well. Thank God we have Kak Mas and Saiful – for they are like our extra pair of eyes, ears and even brains when planning a wedding. I know I can rely on them. Stop being a Bridezilla k Nadz. Everything will be okay 🙂

Much awaited meeting!

I love Irman designs! Simple yet elegant 🙂

Mock Up 2

Simple sample 🙂

Then, 4pm was our appointment with Johnny. Can you believe it – we spent 4 hours deciding on vinyl, reducer, laminates, carpentry measurements and paintings!? It was painful especially when we are fasting! But Johnny was very patient – you’ve got to witness how Irman ask so many qns until I can end up arguing with Irman. I thought I am perfectionist. But wait till you know Irman. Haha!

Pilih pilih pilih….

A week before, his men come in to do the partition for Brick Wall!

Johnny gonna redo before he add the brick wall. Cos damn we mafan customers!

Tiler start on the Master Bathroom! My fav place in the hse!

Oopsy I stepped on a tile before the cement dries off…. Uncle had to redo. I gave him choc chip cookies freshly bake as an apology!

Almost complete!

The space where we will have our custom wardrobe!

Johnny’s sketch of our custom wardrobe!

Kitchen Cabinet! We spend too long discussing on this!

Our Bar Top area!

My mom thinks our house is going to look like an office. Too much grey!

I am thrilled! Can’t wait for the carpentry to be in – which means that it is coming to an end in a month or so! Wanna move in so badly! We can start prepping for wedding at our own house – YEEEHAH!






Hi, we are Irman and Nadzirah. We love to travel around the world, especially together. Needless to say, together we find ourselves in pretty exciting experience as we travel round the world. Well, this blog is not just about travelling but to document every snippets of our life together from being just friends, to lovers to travel partners, to home owners and to many more milestones to come!