Our Nest

Timeline for our Home Reno

2nd May 2017

Just a sharing – on why Nadzirah always manage to plan her work swee swee from A to Z.

I have this obsession with calendars. I have my own self-made calendar for my academic year, wedding planning and now home reno planning. My to-do list for each day will have plenty of bullets and by 11am, most of it were checked. You know, the feeling when most agenda were checked? I like that. Correction: I love that.

So this time, home reno will not be an exemption. We requested that Johnny do up a timeline for our home reno. We are not sure if he does that to other clients, but we sure requested for it and we kinda pester him for it. I hope we aren’t the pushy clients. Although deep down, I think we are. On a side note, we are so very excited to have our home reno to slowly kicking in! If all goes on well, our home will be ready in time for Hari Raya. But because we aint married yet, we have to put that on hold! But that means, wedding is approaching and we can slowly lepak at our place on weekends. Irman can sleepover in the North. I can go back to my parents place! Isn’t that wonderful? He doesnt have to go all the way back to the East each time we meet. We can have slumber parties with family and friends too!
That’s about it. Now, let’s hope everything goes according to plan!




Hi, we are Irman and Nadzirah. We love to travel around the world, especially together. Needless to say, together we find ourselves in pretty exciting experience as we travel round the world. Well, this blog is not just about travelling but to document every snippets of our life together from being just friends, to lovers to travel partners, to home owners and to many more milestones to come!