3rd September 2017

I was just chatting with Irman as we head for our dinner. How long did we finally complete our entire home reno (including cleaning and beautifying etc). Wanna guess? 5 months guys. FIVE FULL MONTHS. About one more month before we finally can move in officially! But it was all worth it. At the age of 28, we are getting married and own a house. Abit too late for a Malay girl, surpassing my child-bearing years but heck. We are going to work longer to support of kids one day but heck. Gonna be old when the kids are still very young but heck. Bigger age gap between parents and child but heck. Well, better late than never right?

Anyways, this birthday weekend of mine, we have finally finish (99% done) with home reno (except the shoe rack and the gypsum board). It is okay now, Johnny can slowly complete it because we aren’t looking forward to the last VO. Please bill us after wedding k? We need to prioritize our finances to our wedding now. Below are the final touches of our home before the frames are up on the wall! We only managed to have the frames up only today!

The area behind the sofa was really done up impromptu-ly (cos we had extra dining chairs).

Missing the curtains. After wedding k… We are need to control our finances now!

That’s an IKEA coffee table that comes in pairs. So, we decided to separate them up and create a little corner behind the sofa.

IKEA coffee table. Simple – loving it!

Dining area and bar top!

Our monochrome open-concept kitchen.

I hardly took picture of my kitchen through this angle..

The bar and oven side!

Our dining area featuring artwork from ArtSalwa…

Loving our gold tap and handles. All via online!

My dream service yard! Now, got mood to do laundry all day long 😉

Laundry won’t be boring after all!

Our blackboard wall. A must in a teacher’s house!

Our Master Bathroom!

Hana inspecting the bed! I think she is scared of our bed cos it is too high!

Slowly choosing out wallpaper for the feature wall in our master bedroom. We need a vase and some plants!

Our cosy bed. I can sleep here for only 30 mins and I will feel like its a LONG NAP!

Today, after all the small touch ups, we went on to print the endless quotes to be framed and hanged around the house. Just to make the house more cosy to live in! All I can say is – I am loving it! It kinda make the whole house looks complete!

Laundry area has never been so pretty. 🙂

As I load/unload dirty/clean laundry… I have a quote to remind me to take “one load at a time”.

We plan to keep track of guests who ask for our wifi. LOL.

Something for the kitchen wall. Oh we tried to push a nail through the storeroom – fat hope guys.

If you love to socialise, head to the dining area/hall. If you hate to socialise, head to the bathroom or room(s). I personally love this to bits!

Right side table. Irman’s side!

Obviously Nadz’s side!

Bismillah for the gate entrance. My mom keep on asking why all so black!

On my 28th birthday, I have started to bring in half of my clothes over to our place!

Irman slowly assembling the coffee table!

We are now 35 days too moving in together officially as husband and wife. Woohoo. This is so exciting! I don’t know how we do it, but we made it man. Yes, FIVE MONTHS later! I can now start hanging out at our place, do work quietly at our place, nap peacefully at our place too! For now, no cooking cos we have yet to turn on our City Gas. We will have to wait till 11th September! Till then, no cooking (phewwww) means cleaner kitchen!

Lastly, thank you Irman for choosing me to go through this journey together. I wouldn’t be able to do so, if not for you. So, a BIG THANK YOU! I can’t thank you enough for all the sacrifices you’ve made for me and our future. 🙂

Your future wife (whom supposedly still waiting for your late mom’s jewellery which you secretly eyed on and kept when you were just a Primary School kid, only to surrender and claimed that your intention was to keep it for your future wife 🙂 ).


4th October 2017

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    3rd November 2019

    Hi! love the bathroom tiles!

    May i ask how you got rid of the grout lines?

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    16th March 2019

    Can you inform me what platform are you using on this
    web site?

    • irmanadz

      17th May 2019

      Hi Jorg, we are using WordPress 🙂



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