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Momento for Our Guests

31st August 2015

We wanted something our guests can bring home as a momento, besides the wedding favour we had in mind. I had my eyes on this wedding service provider. But Irman asked me to put them on hold for now – they are not within our budget. Hence, we waited for the right moment to book one or perhaps we might bump into something that might fit our budget, something perhaps that is value for money. Recently, the same service provider had a recent discount. We manages to save over $400! We didn’t wait too long to start contacting them for details and finally we BOOKED them.

They provided us with:
– 6 hours service with unlimited image prints
– customized photostrip design with bookmark packaging
– rental of props
– wide range of backdrop selection
– photobooth set up
– professional photographer, technician and host

Isn’t it worth it? We do hope that the photo booth and photo strip will capture hundreds of candid shots of your family and friends at their truest, most lovable selves. The zany poses, goofy faces, and spontaneous giggling emanating from the photo booth will really immortalize the moment.




Hi, we are Irman and Nadzirah. We love to travel around the world, especially together. Needless to say, together we find ourselves in pretty exciting experience as we travel round the world. Well, this blog is not just about travelling but to document every snippets of our life together from being just friends, to lovers to travel partners, to home owners and to many more milestones to come!