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So near yet so far…

29th July 2017

Term 3 – the busiest term for every Teacher. I just cannot wait for Term 3 to be over – because WE are getting married in Term 4 (in the midst of ‘O’ Level Papers and EOYs). With just 70 more days to our BIG DAY, we are both very excited for it. Not forgetting, preparing the house together for our big arrival on the 8th of October!

Colleagues may ask “Where is your honeymoon?”. I would say “In the comfort of our own home!”. We had to delay our Honeymoon to after my academic year ends. Can’t wait to fly with Irman – on the 28th November till 21st December! That’s 23 days away from SG – most chillax trip ever because we aint gonna incorporate any hiking trips or long drive etc. Just chill all the way – am hoping I don’t put too much weight on because the last time I went on a Europe tour in 2012, I came back refreshed and unfortunately, grown sideways.

Nowadays, when we meet people, first thing that they ask : Hows your wedding prep? I have to say, as of now, we are just waiting for the day. Major things are taken care of. We can now just pay attention to small details in our wedding such as banner, wedding cards, table frames etc. I am thankful I have Irman to design and ensure that every part of the wedding goes back to the wedding card design. Just an update about our Wedding Preps… We recently have just met Kak Mas to confirm some of our wedding details. Like the decor theme, dias, gift trays, layout etc. Of course, we did our research prior to meeting Kak Mas so as to ensure that we know what we want. For example….

We both fell in love with this Dias. Too pretty for the eyes!

Ahhhh the peach peonies are toooo lovely!

More peach flowers!

We have over 25 tables during our reception! Hence, we are having 25 customised frames for all the reception tables. Attention to details…

Double-sided. We decided to be thick-skin and had our pre-wed photos printed. Pls feel free to turn the frame around if you hate looking at our pre-wed photos during our lunch reception! Haha

Layout for Solemnization!

Begonia Layout for Reception! I believe it is spacious enough for all 25 tables???

We plan to frame up your well wishes up on our wall!

Harry Potter Cake Topper – hopefully you arrive on time!

For the many more weekends project for us! Stamp stamp and away!

Well well well, this whole wedding prep has a long way to go still (70 days still seems pretty far away). Unlike our Home Renovation… That never seem to end. We had to step in and give our ultimatum. As a result, our ID is finally rushing things from our home. This week, we manage to complete the Brick Wall, install gas pipes and carpentry to be in fully for the Kitchen, Master Bedroom and Bedhead. This weekend, we will have our Aircon coming in, mount the skirting, electrical touch up, sofa delivery, TV delivery and bathroom accessories installation. This should be the way Johnny. Don’t wait until we threaten and have compensation plans – only then you start to move.

We saw the same TV Console for over $2899. In the end, we custom it.

Plans for DB box…. Wait for it!

Irman wanted the plain skirting!

Gas Pipe is in. Finally carpentry can go in.

Personally – the main highlight for me…

We have our little neighbour inspecting the works of the Brick Wall…

Loving the side view… Before the tv comes in, better spam!

Finally, the kitchen cabinets are in. Hall looks spacious now…

Kitchen Cabinet in the making….

The Bar Top and Oven side of the Kitchen!

Kitchen Cabinet stranded here in the middle of the hall, due to gas pipes not in yet… Meh

Loving our covelights! Makes our Hall looks elongated!

More covelights…

The interior of our wardrobe looks rather pinkish… I’m loving the subtle pink ;p

Headboard in – scare the shit out of me when Irman said our Bed is too big for our room!

Almost there!

Today, my favourite lights are in!

Now, let’s go back to why our project was so slow to begin with. We thought our reno was gonna take about 2 months (maximum 3 months)… But given our tight schedule at work, we could only meet our ID on weekends, decide on materials on weekends, ensure that work done on weekends so as to ensure that we were there to supervise. Trust us – don’t ever think your ID going to be there whole day to ensure everything is done properly. He wouldn’t because he has projects pending, new clients meeting etc. Then we had problems with the screeding. Managed to get slot to screed, then turns out it wasn’t smooth enough. So we had to source out some ‘kind souls’ to do the entire unit because apparently if we were to go through the legit way (via HDB contractors), we have to pay another $900 for a super smooth finishing. Hell no! So we source out a very nice guy to do for us. In return, we had to purchase our own cement screed and pay the labour fee. All this at one-third of what the HDB Contractor quoted us. Yeah, so all this back and forth caused part of the delay.

Then, we realised our ID only schedule work at our units on at least 2 days each week. Of course the progress is slow. Slow to the point that we had to find a compensation plan. Only then, things start to move. Contractors in and out of our unit. Man coming in our unit at 930pm to measure countertop etc. So, it can be done but all after a threat/warning was implemented. Honestly, we are both not that kind of people. We do not value disagreement esp with someone we need to work closely on. But this was too much. Not forgetting – we caught his brother doing the electrical for our unit. And turns out he wasnt licensed. We panicked. How can someone with no license do up our house. This is our home and it has to be safe! I know, we kinda exaggerate a lil bit. But hey, we need a home that is not fire hazard or what not. In the end, we had to consult our HDB unit officer (Daryl)  on this issue. His reply was, it is fine if the electrician has no license. As long as he is under a company and approved by HDB, then we are fine. If we face any problems, go back to our ID to rectify it.

Alright, for today, we cant wait for sofa, TV, Bathroom accessories to come in. Oh and the skirting and aircon too! What a fruitful day! 🙂





Hi, we are Irman and Nadzirah. We love to travel around the world, especially together. Needless to say, together we find ourselves in pretty exciting experience as we travel round the world. Well, this blog is not just about travelling but to document every snippets of our life together from being just friends, to lovers to travel partners, to home owners and to many more milestones to come!