#6: Naaseeeee Lemmmaq + Otahhhhh

16th June 2015

I’ve always feel that a good cook will be able to whip up Nasi Lemak. So, it’s definitely a big leap of faith when we wanted to cook for everyone (Nana, Fawzy, 3Ns, Cik Karim and of course for the both of us). In my opinion, not everyone can cook Nasi Lemak and a truly remarkable nasi lemak is not to be taken lightly; it should fulfill a few requisites: quality, texture, flavors, and, of course, the right ingredients. This weekend, irmanadz finally found the time and dedication to make this legendary dish.

To top it off, Nadzirah has always been a fan of having prawns, so this time we tried having it in our sambal! To me, the prawns add a natural sweet flavor to my sambal – perfect to go with the Nasi Lemak. Well, enough of me blabbering la… Here is the recipe!

Nasi Lemak + Otah

Nasi Lemak + Otah

Steamed Coconut Rice –

2 cups/400g of rice

1 large shallot (thickly sliced)

1 tbsp sea salt

2 cups/400 ml of coconut milk

Half cup/200 ml of water

3 pandan leaves (knotted)

Sambal Nasi Lemak w Ikan Bilis [Can put PRAWNS too]

3-quarter cup deepfried anchovies

Half cup fried peanuts

  • Add 1 tbsp of oil in a pan (over moderate heat)
  • Fry the peanuts until light golden brown in color
  • Add about 1-quarter cup of oil in a pan over high heat and toss in the ikan bilis/ anchovies. Stir fry until crisp. Reuse this OIL.
  • 4 tbsp cili paste [blend cili ourselves]
  • 1 bawang putih [chopped]
  • 4 bawang kecil merah [sliced]
  • 1 bawang besar merah [kisar w air]
  • Asam Jawa (abit)
  • Salt
  • Sugar


We can serve Nasi Lemak with cucumber (sliced), hard-boiled eggs, telur mata lembu and Otah-Otah!


Banana leaves


Special kind of Ginger, blended (most impt)

Fresh eggs

Fresh turmeric


Lime leaves (cut thinly)

Big Onions

Coconut milk



Red chili powder


Lemon grass (blended)

Mackerel / ikan kembung (can use dory fish)




Mix all: Big Onions , chili powder, lemon grass, lime leaves, ginger, fresh turmeric, garlic,

Next: Add the blended fish and prawns, 2eggs, coconut milk.

Isn’t that mouth-watering… Just the though of it,

and I can already have the

urge to want to cook it again!!


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