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Soft pastels for those who matter!

31st May 2016

I tasked myself to complete this since Good Friday break. I didn’t complete over the long weekend and this has been on my to-do list every single day! Finally, completed it in say 15 mins? Well, to begin with, I have the colors in mind, but would like to have a document to see if all colours blend it. Actually I love it – hopefully¬†everyone loves it too. I mean everyone – Nadzirah’s side, Irman’s side, Bridesmaids and Groomsmen.

Now, when shall we hunt for the kain? This means I will need 4 different sessions to hunt for the right kain for my family, his family, bridesmaid and Groomsmen. I cant even spare to complete a 15mins task, let alone 4 different sessions! Maybe can consider 3 sessions la – mine, his and combine the bridesmaid and groomsmen! We see la how! Adios!




Hi, we are Irman and Nadzirah. We love to travel around the world, especially together. Needless to say, together we find ourselves in pretty exciting experience as we travel round the world. Well, this blog is not just about travelling but to document every snippets of our life together from being just friends, to lovers to travel partners, to home owners and to many more milestones to come!