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Wedding Invitations (Draft 1)

24th April 2016

1 year 5 months too early? Not for us. We just wanna play around with the design we have in mind for our wedding invites. We can literally leave it to our Wedding Planner to handle this but we thought maybe for wedding invites, we should put in some ‘love’ into it. The only agenda we ever wanna have an assembly line consisting of just the both of us – putting cards into the envelope and hot stamping it! Semangat? Of course – we gonna frame our invites and hot stamp in our humble home someday! This i shall assure you!

My mother approved the design too! In fact, she loved it. I suppose, we loved it so much that this should be the final one. Unless, maybe we might have new designs coming up months later! Credits to inpixelhaus 🙂

ps: If need services for wedding invites, please feel free to browse through the portfolio at

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