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Seal the Deal

2nd November 2015

The moment we stepped into this ballroom, we instantly knew this is it. This is the place we wanna have our solemnization ceremony and throw in banquet and what have you… On our fourth visit, we finally decided to block that date, secure with a down-payment and we knew we made the right choice.

Tell me – how can we not fall in love with this place?

The package includes:
– ballroom
– bridal room (a minute away from the ballroom)
– prayer room
– kitchen
– projector/screen in ballroom
– Usage of PA system with DJ Services (We hoped she can get this particular DJ)
– Full decor (omg i dont have to think about this since Kak Mas is so meticulous with her decor and all)
– ‘andaman’ (wedding dresses/make up etc)
– Full Catering (plentiful food for guests, manpower for set-up, cleaning, waitresses etc)
– Space planning (Kak Mas knows best!)
– Wedding Cake
– Wedding Favours
– Kak Mas as the Wedding Coordinator, in which she will rope her husband in to help (technically we paid for two for the price of one!)
– Time line and itineraries planned by Kak Mas
– Wedding Card
Р14 Hantaran Trays
– 60 Bunga Rampai
– Sirih Dara
– Free: Henna from qfcreation (secured date)
– Free: Fresh Flowers Hand Bouquet from Cherriesmitten

Some cake inspirations!

Peach, white, coral flowers!

Henna for the hand! Something not too complex!

We still prefer assortment of nuts in a bottle with our monogram stickers/tags!

Here are some of our inspirations la. We have ample time to look out for more ideas! At least, I am glad that we block the date. Now, we can proceed to our NZ Roadtrip with peace yo!

More updates in they next few months, for now, wedding planning will be put on hold until we come back from NZ! 23 more days to NZ Adventure!



7th November 2015




Hi, we are Irman and Nadzirah. We love to travel around the world, especially together. Needless to say, together we find ourselves in pretty exciting experience as we travel round the world. Well, this blog is not just about travelling but to document every snippets of our life together from being just friends, to lovers to travel partners, to home owners and to many more milestones to come!